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1. Implementation & Support of PPM Tools
That's how we usually start. We implement your PPM tool of choice. We have been at it for 10 years now. Our clients come from various verticals, and we have learnt their business alongside ours - whether it is finance, or telecom, or e-government or industry.

How are we different?

We have chosen to build our methodology from IT. We have come to realize that IT is the fastest adopter of PPM technologies, at least in our EMEA geography. So we make PPM a quick win in IT, and then we take it further to marketing, sales, even PMO departments. Just kidding, they are second, just after IT :-)

2. Setting up PMO Office
We came to this niche as a side of effect of our tool expertise. Overtime, we realized customers need not just tools, but tools and processes, and organisation according to leading best practices to optimise their project delivery. So we built up our PMO practice based on a practical understanding of what kind of processes can work in various verticals, and what kinds simply cannot. Sometimes, we figured, it's equally important to advise how not to do things. The customers we worked with seemed to appreciate it.
Application Manual Testing
We support our customers with different engagement models
1. Staff augmentation - if you need extra resources to help your team deliver faster, and more, and better. We are ready to do that.
2. Turnkey projects - sometimes we are asked to source the entire project and assume the inherent delivery risk. We are ready to do that.
3. Managed services- sometimes we are asked to source an entire QA department. We are ready to do that.

Application Automated Testing
Our test automation projects are based on 10 years of practice embedded in our OPTiiMize test automation framework. We use OPTiiMize to make sure the testcases you automate once with OPTiiMize will be still easy to maintain 3 years after we leave.

Application Performance Tuning
Our performance tuning know-how comes from 10 years of load-testing and device tweaking for all technolgies and verticals. We call these services Performassure. And if you are not happy with the extreme results we bring, we ask you not to pay.

We work with a wide range of test tools from HP, Borland, Selenium, Sahi. We can also train you on these.
In the area of IT Operations, we do a lot of work consulting work. We help customers deploy the industry best-practices, ITIL, for various tasks:
* Designing Service Catalogs - to help structure business services, IT services and corresponding applications and infrastructure in one big picture that makes sense to all stakeholders
* Deploying Help Desks - do it with best-in-class tools and ITIL compliant incident, problem, change processes
* Auditing Data Centers - find out if you DC meets industry requirements for security, if it can scale for your apps, or if has proper business continuity support

Once your data center and apps are up and running, they have to stay up and running. We help you do that by deploying state-of-the-art vendor technologies to achieve impossible availability.

Service Migration
We found out that we have accumulated a lot of knowledge about applications. And a lot of knowledge about operations.
We found out that this knowledge is highly useful when you need to migrate successfully core services from one location to another. Migrating IT services is a highly responsible job, because many things can go wrong in the process- from servers, to network, to application setting, to software changes that need to be coded. We can take care of all of them because we understand the full picture.

Development of customer facing/internal; transactional/social/informational portals - We started our portal line after seeing the gap in all the collaboration tools we were deploying to our customers and the lack of user experience in the products. We believed that if we approach portal development by putting user in the middle and the information that it needs to consume or take action, simply in front of her eyes, we can succeed in portal adoption. We believe adoption and usage should be the first KPI deploying a portal.

Our development & Portals line of services includes:
- Implementation of best of breed portals - Jive, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Magnolia for Social CRM, Social Enterprise, Self Service, Web Shop and Complex Web Site Portals.
- Ready – to – deploy inhouse portals for webshop, social enterprise, self service
- Migration of portals.
- Custom application development projects covering .NET, Java, PHP and Mobile technologies – from our highly user-centric portal team.
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